Hītori o tenei Kura - School History

Our original school house was situated on the corner of Yarborough and Kirkpatrick Street, prior to 1972. There was a concern with the movement of the ground and the school committee at that time, requested that a new school be built on a new site. The Ministry at that time placed the school on a priority based waiting list and it was to take some time before this application would be approved. The school committee, at that stage was very concerned with the movement of the earth on the school grounds, so a deputation was put forward to the Minister of Education, Mr Tallboys. As a result the school was given priority and moved up the list. Approval was given and a new school was built in Beach Road, where the school is currently situated. 

The official opening for the school was on Saturday 16 December 1972 at 1pm. The Principal at this time was Mr Rod Brigh . The old school house is now used by the community for meetings and community events. It is now owned by Conservation.  The old pillars that took pride of place at the front gate of the old school were re-erected at the entrance of the new school site in 1972.  Inscribed on these gates are the names of WWI veterans.